Westinghouse Tankless Water Heaters Review and Buying Tips

A review of Westinghouse tankless water heaters, favorite choices among many customers - without a doubt. Here, we talk about how these tankless heaters can improve your comfort, convenience, and overall satisfaction. Keep reading and learn more!

Westinghouse tankless water heaterWestinghouse tankless

With the tankless, there is no more need for the large, low efficient and old-fashion heating when hot water is not delivered in a sufficient amount, especially at peak times. 

By installing the right tankless device, you can save space, get superior performance and efficiency, reduce gas emission and never run out of hot water. Also, you will get it in on-demand and in continuous supply, any time and no matter the outside weather, while saving you time and money.

The above benefits and many others are making Westinghouse tankless water heaters an excellent solution for many households.

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Benefits & advantages

Tankless water heaters are merely exceptional if efficiency and convenience are what you're looking for, including the size. Here are a few reasons why choosing one of these on-demand models is always an excellent choice:

Hot water at all times

Especially when there are more than two people in a house, it can be hard to maintain the comfort level effectively and provide enough hot water in a short period. A tankless water heater solves this problem by heating all the water needed and at the desired and stable temperature, without problems.

This means that any sink or shower that's open will almost immediately receive hot or warm water at any time. Westinghouse tankless water heaters can provide up to 11 GPM, which is sufficient for homes with up to 4 fixtures.

Faster & effective

No matter how many sinks or faucets you have open, tankless water heaters can quickly provide the speed and reliability you need for hot water. Designed to offer from the low to higher hot water volume, tankless heaters, including Westinghouse, will never let you down.

Durable & reliable

They come with better warranties, and at the same time, wear out and break less than other types of heaters. The maintenance is also needed but is not too demanding, and when regularly and properly done, it can make the heater last up to 20 years. The warranty on Westinghouse is 12 years in residential applications and 5 years in commercial.

Savings & space

Not only does a tankless heater offer the chance to save more money due to lower heating costs, but it also allows users to save on space at home and increase convenience overall. The size of the largest condensing tankless model is 17.3" x 27.6" x 14.8".

Clean and fresh water

Having no tank means the water does not get stored anywhere, creating little to no rust, contaminants, or just anything that could dirty the water up. Tankless heaters provide clean and fresh hot water and delivered fast, especially with the built-in circulation pump. A good example is Rinnai RUR98 that has the recirculation pump built-in.

Environment-friendly and safe

Producing fewer greenhouse gases and reducing flooding risk, a tankless water heater is also much safer to have than any other. The Westinghouse is equipped with a low NOx and CO combustion system, so there is less pollution during gas combustion.

Top models


The Westinghouse condensing tankless heater WGRTNG199 is the largest tankless model from this company, offering the power of up to 199,000 BTU, and with the ultra-efficiency, excellent heating capacity, and overall performance, making it a great option even for large homes. The turndown ratio of 10 to 1 is a feature not to overlook so the unit can operate with the reduced power of 19,900 BTU which is great when the demand for hot water is reduced - resulting in higher savings.

The efficiency is ultra-high – 98%, so as the water flow of 11 GPM, easily supplying multiple fixtures simultaneously.

And thanks to the advanced elements such as the water flow control, flow sensor, and heat capacity control, domestic hot water will come with the constant temperature providing an enhanced comfort to the user.

The control command (panel), which allows users to set, control, and monitor the operation, is conveniently situated at the front of the unit.

The large display shows the unit's current status, an error message for easier troubleshooting, control button allows you to set the temperature in C or F, for example, change the mode or simply turn the unit ON or OFF.

It is built with the highest-quality stainless steel exchanger to perform well even during peak hours without problems. And if you want a product to keep NOx emissions low, this one is just perfect. Apart from that, it comes with a few critical features such as:

  • Exceptional built-in anti-freezing mechanism with dual-stage.
  • Gas leak detector for superior safety.
  • Water leak detector.
  • The superb modulating system keeps water consistent.
  • Two stainless steel heat exchangers to keep excellent performance and high energy efficiency (96%).
  • Metal-fiber burner keeps NOx emissions low and makes better use of energy.
  • Multi-functional control panel (control, monitor, display).


  • With an excellent 10-to-1 turndown ratio, you get better results with less energy.
  • 199,000 BTU power will keep your water hot at all times in less time.
  • Dual stainless steel heat exchanger achieves an exceptional performance even during the harshest of demands.
  • Top-notch construction keeps the device working for longer without drawbacks.
  • You will receive an endless hot water source thanks to its effectiveness.
  • It will keep NOx emissions low to maintain a safer environment.
  • You can use both liquid propane and natural gas for convenience.
  • Straightforward to use and convenient multifunction control panel with the display.
  • Standard ¾" water and gas connections.
  • 12-year warranty.
  • Safe operation using the flame rod, flue, and water temperature high limit switches, freeze protection ceramic heater, leak detectors, and burner overheat the cut-off device.

Similar tankless and condensing models:


Westinghouse gas hybrid water heater combines the best features of both tank-type and tankless technology. Westinghouse WGR GHNG199 is the largest model, and with the power of 199,000 BTU at its peak and water flow of 11 GPM, it will give outstanding performance and reliable operation for many years.

The tankless and condensing technology, combined with the modulating power, allows up to 96% of energy efficiency, making this water heater an excellent choice without a doubt. While it provides an endless source of hot water at all times, most of the generated heat energy is used to heat water, where only 4% is wasted, mainly through the flue pipe.

Hot water is stored in the durable stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger, which has a capacity of 3.5 gallons. This allows "Zero Flow Activation," so the unit can even operate when a small amount of hot water is needed, while tankless can't. The temperature of hot water is more stable, there are less fluctuation or "cold water sandwich" effects, and delivery is almost instant.

The device demands little to no maintenance even when dealing with hard water, as the unit comes with the self-cleaning feature, making the device last longer. Apart from all that, here are a few additional features to consider:

  • Works with LP and natural gas.
  • Convenient hybrid design.
  • 96% energy efficiency.
  • Built-in leak detectors.
  • Durable and reliable construction.
  • Internal and external recirculation modes.
  • Combination space and domestic hot water heating
  • Safety features; optical flame sensor, water and flame limit sensors, freeze protection with 3 stages, water leak protection, exhaust temperature high limit sensor, and others.


  • Fantastic heating capacity at 199,000 BTU peak.
  • Thanks to the stainless steel heat exchanger, you get a more durable and dependable device.
  • The hybrid design keeps the flow of hot water continuous but consistent and reliable.
  • Top-notch ceramic fiber burner for better efficiency and fewer emissions.
  • Comes with an outstandingly easy-to-use multifunction control panel.
  • It offers superior convenience as it works with both liquid propane and natural gas.
  • Works with both residential and commercial applications.
  • Multiple vent configurations.
  • It can be used for space heating, DHW, recirculation, solar and geothermal applications.
  • Two models to choose from.
  • 12-year warranty.

Which Westinghouse tankless water heater to pick!

Both Westinghouse water heaters, either hybrid or just tankless with the condensing technology, are impressive because of the quality features, high gas input, amazing energy efficiency, low gas emission, small size, and user-friendly display with advanced electronics in the back.

They can be used for residential and commercial use; either you need it for the whole house or point-of-use service. While the condensing models are the most innovative in water heating, hybrid models are our recommendation due to their advantages in hot water delivery.