Vaillant aroTHERM Review - Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

The Vaillant manufacturer produces two types of heat pumps; geothermal and air-to-water, both very efficient and “green”, ideal for those homeowners looking for the renewable solution for heating water. The heat pumps are ultra-efficient and environment-friendly appliances that provide great savings to its owners. Not only that the Vaillant heat pumps heat efficiently, but these also provide a great cooling effect, very useful during the hot summer months.

The Vaillant aroTHERM is the air-to-water heat pump that is designed as the stand-alone unit for heat production in closed heating installations, and as the hybrid unit when combined with the existing heating system that uses natural gas, liquid propane gas or oil. These Vaillant heat pumps are designed with the four power outputs; 5 and 8 kW as the single phase and 11 and 15 kW as the tri-phase units all used for space heating, domestic hot water production and cooling in the summer.

Comparing Vaillant heat pumps

As opposed to the geoTHERM geothermal heat pumps, the Vaillant aroTHERM utilizes the energy found in the surrounding air, or lost energy from heating appliances, also the compressor and the heating elements for generating more heat. The aroTHERM is ideal for those homeowners who are using the electric heating, do not have an access to the natural gas or do not have a solution for the fuel storage for the propane gas or oil.

Main features and benefits

Vaillant arotherm heat pump

Key features and benefits of the aroTHERM heat pumps include high efficient operation, reduced noise level, protection against corrosion, weather compensating control for increased efficiency...

The main components are made of the quality elements such as the stainless steel heat exchanger and cast iron circulation pump, blue fin coated evaporator with the anti-hydro coating, all nicely packed in the compact unit. Its modulating compressor and inverter technology allow the heat pump to operate only with the needed power, therefore, saving more energy and making it last longer. The intelligent electronics automatically monitors the heating process and parameters, resulting in the improved efficiency and performance and lower energy costs.

In a case of the extremely cold weather, Vaillant offers an inline immersion back-up heater that secures the normal operation of the heat pump, while the de-icing feature allows reliable operation. For the added flexibility and comfort, customers can install the small wall-mounted buffer tank and heat pump cylinders with the maximum capacity of up to 300 L.

Another great advantage is that a heat pump is more efficient than the conventional electric water heater, where the heat pump unit is installed outside and hydraulic components inside. Its installation is much easier than the geothermal heat pump and does not require any special requirements.

As the heat pump is installed outside and in order to prevent any damage to the unit due to the low outside temperatures, Vaillant offers a unique solution; the wall-mounted heat exchanger module that is filled with the small amount of glycol.

The typical aroTHERM hybrid setup in the residential homes includes the heat pump, inline heater, buffer module and the hot water cylinder, including the intuitive control and system management via advanced electronics. The heat pump utilizes the DIA system (digital and analysis system), the advanced electronics showing the current operating status, report if there is a problem in the system, allows easy setting of the different values, and offers the advanced level of set-up available only for the qualified technician.

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