How to remove the hot surface igniter on Kenmore Elite

Learn how to remove the hot surface igniter on Kenmore gas water heaters from the Elite series for regular maintenance or replacement.

Before removing the hot surface igniter from the Kenmore Elite gas water heater, first, you have to separate the manifold and burner assembly from the heater. This is how:

  • Locate the gas manual shut-off valve beside the water heater and turn it off so the gas supply to the unit stops.
  • Disconnect electric power supply to the water heater.
  • Remove the outer door found at the bottom of the unit, and release two screws that hold the manifold door assembly to the unit’s skirt.
  • Disconnect the wires to the gas valve, which includes the power supply, igniter and flame sensor wire, pressure switch, FV sensor connector, control display, and anode rod connector.
  • Separate the gas manifold tube at the gas control valve gently to avoid damages to the gas valve.
  • Remove the gas manifold assembly from the gas combustion chamber.
  • Clean the burner assembly if it is dirty or clogged. The burner can be de-attached by removing two screws located underneath the burner.
  • Locate the retainer clip and lift it up to remove the manifold element block from the door.
  • Loosen the screw to remove the hot surface igniter assembly.
  • Route the new hot surface igniter connector through the manifold burner and put the screws back.
  • Put the retainer clip back to secure the manifold block to the manifold door. Put the manifold assembly back.
  • All the elements that were taken off previously should be put back in but in reverse order.
  • Resume the power.
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