Rudd Guardian Pacemaker review

by Ashley
(Rhode Island)

We bought our Rudd Guardian Pacemaker self-cleaning hot water heater and after a few months, it started to leak water out of the pressure relief valve so I called the manufacturer and they sent someone out to fix it.

That lasted only 6 more months. So, I called a plumber and he checked everything and he said it was another bad valve. My water pressure was fine and my plumbing was correct so I called again to let them know whats going on and they basically told me "oh well."

After 2 years I started to notice rust in my hot water so I figured my town is working on the water but come to find out it was the hot water heater.

I called RUDD and they sent someone out and they flushed the tank and I explained that I do that every 6 months as a part of their recommend maintenance. So he said I may need to do it sooner than 6 months. I explained that a 2-year-old tank should not have rust in it and he told me because it is working they will not replace it!

I said that's crazy and called customer service and they agreed with the guy that came out and would not replace it. Well just after the warranty ran out it burst all over my basement after almost 3 years of washing up with muddy colored rusty water and me flushing it once a month!

Their tanks are junk and their waranty are worthless. I went and bought a different hot water heater from another company and will never buy RUDD again.

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