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Is it better to use the horizontal or vertical venting system for Paloma tankless water heaters?

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Oct 16, 2013
venting tips
by: Dick

Paloma tankless water heaters that are using direct venting require proper venting with the sufficient supply of fresh air for combustion.

When it comes to the right location for Paloma water heaters, it is recommended to install the unit as close as possible to the outside wall so there will be a minimum of bends and the vent length will be short, which will result in the efficient transfer of flue gases.

Also, the right venting materials needs to be used, such as stainless steel with the 3”/5” diameter, concentric vent type and approved for Category III venting. The installation needs to be per codes and Paloma recommendation.

Paloma tankless water heater uses its own venting system, including pipes, terminals, adapters, and must not be connected to the chimney or use the venting system with other appliances.

The venting system can be horizontal or vertical and can have from one to maximum six elbows (bends). Keep in mind that if there are more bends, the vent has to be shorter than if less bend are involved, as it takes more power to discharge gases out.

Horizontal installation requires downward slope of 1/4" per foot and toward the exit of o pipe so the proper condensate discharge occurs and no rain comes in. If the previous scenario is not possible, upward slope can also be used, or vertically, but with the drain hose attached for discharge.

If the vent pipe is longer it also requires more support as the manufacturer recommends support every 5 feet or less. Maximum length is 39’ if one bend is used while the minimum length is 30”. Minimum 12” vertical height needs to be provided where the vent pipe exits the water heater and before the elbow.

If the vent pipe is installed vertically, there should be a minimum of 1 foot of the pipe above the roof line.

Other recommendations include the minimum air space clearance from combustible and non-combustible materials, and use of the silicon sealant where the vent pipe is connected to the water heater.

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