Navien tankless water heater - No!!

We purchased our Navien tankless water heater about 6 years ago and have had nothing but problems from the get-go. It really is a piece of junk. We are so fed up we are just going to call it quits and purchase a new traditional water heater. I am writing this review in hopes of saving someone else the aggravation we have gone through.

My husband was ready to pitch it 5 years ago but I wanted to keep trying to get it fixed. Sure wish I would have listened to him!
A factory rep came out when we first purchased it but that didn't help.

The water tank continuously kicks off and has to be reset - sometimes resetting it works and sometimes it doesn't.

We have a two-story house, and if anyone tries to shower upstairs the water heater kicks off and water turns cold. Anytime we leave the house for a couple of days, we come home to cold water which takes another couple of days to get the tank working.

The place we purchased it from hasn't been a great deal of help. We pay a service call which may /or may not fix it for a short time.
The last time we called they said, "well, you'll have to pay a service call whether we can fix it or not."

Now, I realize it is six years old, however, we have been having these same problems from the day we purchased it.
My advice is don't buy a Navien tankless hot water heater!

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May 19, 2018
by: ErnieG.

Looks identical to the problems we had with our Bosch heater for about 10 years (yes, I have a patient wife). Our problem was the "overheat protection fuse", a white thick wire that wraps around the upper portion of the plenum. Got a new part from Bosch, it is not a direct replacement since the original sensor was probably a bad design. It has been working great for the last 3 months, not a single sudden shutoff like before.

Ah, its great to have a working heater now.

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