It takes time for Rheem to heat water

by Myra
(Oak Park, Mi)

What is the problem? Rheem electric water heater, model 82V30-2 is 2-3 years old and cannot meet the demand. Actually it takes too long to heat water, I will run out of hot water and have to wait more than usual.

The thermostat is OK and is working... the temperature is close to 140 F. Last winter I had to install the insulation blanket and some foam tubes around the exiting pipes. All the long run pipes are properly insulated too. The wiring was properly done.

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Sep 27, 2013
Troubleshooting insufficient hot water on Rheem
by: Mark

As the title says I will try to troubleshoot the insufficient hot water at your shower and on your electric water heater.

There are several problems related to slow hot water recovery.... I will mention few:

- One of the main problems, especially found on older water heaters is the lime-scale. The problem is that the lime formation acts as the insulator which prevents direct contact between the elements and surrounding water. Sometimes you can hear the popping or sizzling noise as the result of water boiling, trapped in-between. Check the heating elements and if necessary remove the lime-scale by scrubbing the deposits off. To prevent the formation, flush the tank thoroughly, every six months and install the water filter if necessary.

- Broken dip tube / water inlet. You have to remove the dip tube from the heater and check the size and shape. Broken element will affect the heating and heater's efficiency since the cold water will not be transferred to the bottom of the tank but will go directly to the hot water outlet, without being heated.

- Loose wiring connection and poor ground are two more reasons for the problem you have. Remove the oxidation from the wires.

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