How to find the best location for my new propane water heater?

by Pete

What is the best location for my gas water heater?

I am planning to replace my old electric water heater with the new propane gas water heater? What is the best location for the installation and for easy service and maintenance?

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Mar 15, 2015
A few thoughts about the location
by: Anonymous

Keep in mind that propane water heaters are different from its electric counterparts. The propane gas as opposed to the natural gas tends to accumulate at the lowest level, and because it is over 50% heavier than the air. The major difference is that gas heaters require more attention and can be hazardous, mainly due to the products of combustion that can leak inside the house, especially byproducts of combustion - Carbon Monoxide (CO).

The propane gas (also known as Liquefied Petroleum Gas, LPG) leak smell like a rotten egg, while the CO is tasteless and odorless. The proper venting is must and done per codes and manufacturer’s instructions, as the backdrafting is dangerous and can kill.

Propane gas water heaters should not be installed in the bedrooms, bathrooms, closets and in living areas. If the heater is about to be installed in the garage it should be protected from vehicle and accidental mechanical damage. 18 inch above the floor is the recommended height for the pilot flame and burner assembly, to prevent ignition of gasoline vapors or burner assembly flooding in extreme cases. Also a good idea is to provide a drain pan under the unit if the leakage occurs. Also avoid installation in the attic and spaces which are above the living space, again because of the potential water or gas leaking.

So the conclusion is: the locations such as the basements, skirted areas under mobile homes, crawl spaces, closets and any room under the ground level have a potential for gas accumulation.

If the LP tank runs out of gas it is recommended to turn the unit off so as the pilot light. Relighting should be done per manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions.

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