Do Not Buy From This Company!

by Debbie
(Alma )

A BIG FAT 0 IN THE customer service department! They definitely do NOT care about their customers. Our Bradford White hot water heater only lasted 2 years and then started leaking rusty water all over our basement. Not only did they charge us $80 because of a Federally mandated upgrade (our plumber actually covered this charge, because they care), they made us pay the $300 installation charge. I can see if it's at the end of the warranty, but we weren't even 1/2 way through it.

Then when we called asking them to pay it, they tried blaming the leak on improper upkeep/maintenance and when we explained it was properly maintained they switched their story to blame our water.

So we explained that we had 3 filters on our system before it even reaches the hot water tank, now they blame it on the salt from the softener, like salt on a car in the winter causing rust. This company does shoddy work for sure and they don't even back their product.

We will never buy another hot water tank from Bradford White manufacturer again! And I'm sure we'll need one with in the next couple years at this rate. Please do not waste your money with these people, they are suppose to be the best, but they don't care and they are selling crap. Go elsewhere!

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Dec 17, 2017
by: Ross

Our Bradford White electric water heater is 18 months old. After only 2 months it became very noisy. It sounds like someone left a faucet running but what it turned out to be was buildup on the heating elements. We are now on our 4th set and the last factory "special" elements lasted two days! The plumbing company says they are done and the factory is unresponsive. We replaced our quiet Rheem because ti was 12 years old and we felt it was time. This will be my last Bradford White!!!

Apr 09, 2017
Thanks for raising an Alert
by: Anonymous

I was considering purchasing a Bradford White Gas Water Heater after reading about this brand being among the best.

I do realize that any manufacturer can have one or two bad apples, however, after reading just one negative review which said more about how the company treated the customer which was not nice, to say the least, I will avoid this company.

Thanks for taking the time to write your review Debbie. It likely saved me a lot of grief.

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