disappointed with John Wood water heater

disappointed with John Wood water heater

by Tessa

We purchased a new home April 2010. In Jan. 2015 the John Wood water heater started leaking & it was replaced under warranty. It is now Aug.29, 2016 & our John Wood water heater had to have the gas valve replaced on it & John Wood would not cover it under warranty. It had only been a year & a half and we are having more problems.

I called to speak to the manager at John Wood to complain & let him know how frustrated we are. We have lived in our house for 7 years & have had nothing but problems with John wood water heaters. The manager was very unapologetic & not understanding. The customer service was terrible & didn't take care of my (the customers) needs. I would never buy another John Wood water heater & would never recommend one to anyone!! Don't buy a John Wood water heater unless you enjoy the headache of fixing it every few years.

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Jan 16, 2017
by: Roy

Had john wood water heater installed 1 year ago and have been very disappointed. Have had recurring cold water on 4 occasions since. Do not buy this junk

Jan 12, 2017
john wood indirect water heater
by: joyce

Do not buy anything from this manufacturer! We built our house in 2008 and installed a John Wood Indirect hot water heater which failed and leaked all over our boiler room in 2014 only 6 years into their 10 yr warranty. They forced us to replace it with the identical model which has 2 galvanized ports and 2 black iron ports (which rust away and leak). so here we are 2016 the new one leaks all over the place. John Woods has been bought by AO Smith a horrible company with terrible service and product support. They want to buyback the warranty from the 2008 purchase date instead of the 2014 date... this doesn't even give us enough money to pay for labor to remove the heater never the less to replace the unit with a decent one and install it. They gave us such a run around sending us back and forth to Canada's call center then US. Ridiculously useless piece of crap!

Nov 14, 2016
Big headache.
by: Sue

We were sold a John Wood water heater in 2008 by Hillcrest Plumbing & Heating Services. We started having problems with it in 2009. then again 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, and here we are in 2016 and I have no hot water again. I would never buy another John Wood water heater again..... So sick of this problem and hope to let other know what a crap product they make.....

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