Review of the Bradford White Electric Water Heaters

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Discover Bradford White electric water heaters for home water heating, main features, pros and cons. Find out how high efficient models can reduce the energy costs.

Electric-powered Bradford White water heaters are found in several sizes and types, and are using two technologies; conventional tank-type and tankless or on demand. All the heaters are built for residential - home use, but some can be used in commercial and manufactured or mobile homes as well.

Electric type heating is the most popular way of hot water production where the propane and natural gas are not available.

Model and feature review

Bradford White offers several types of water heaters, where the Energy Saver and High Efficient Energy Saver are conventional type, Lowboy, TableTop and Utility are specialty models and other tankless or with a small tank size.

Efficient and safe heating

bradford white electric water heater

Every conventional tank-type model is equipped with one or two immersed and screw-in type heating elements that are transferring the energy directly to the surrounding water very efficiently (up to 99%).

Units equipped with the two heating elements operate simultaneously or non-simultaneously when only one or both elements are heating water at the same time. The fast-acting thermostat provides automatic temperature control and has the built-in ECO feature that prevents the unit from overheating.

Recommendation is to buy a heater with thicker foam insulation (at least 2 inches), as it reduces the stand-by heat loss and the heat traps that reduces the heat loss in piping.

Sediment reduction

All the standard type units come with the Hydrojet Total Performance System that incorporates the specialty dip tube design to generate the turbulent flow of the incoming cold water and reduce the sediment built-up at the bottom of the tank, while increasing the First Hour Delivery and performance.

Corrosion protection

Factory installed magnesium anode rod and Vitraglas lining are working together in protecting the metal tank from the aggressive water action that can corrode the metal elements.

Model review

Residential Upright High Efficiency

Residential Upright High Efficiency water heaters are found in four sizes: 40, 50, 65 and 80 gallons with the voltage from 120 V to 480 V, in a single- or three-phase operation.

Model Capacity - Gal Recovery
M-2-HE40S6DS 40 21
M-2-HE50S6DS 50 21
M-2-HE65R6DS 65 21
M-2-HE80R6DS 80 21

Residential Upright

Residential Upright electric water heaters are found in eight sizes: from 30 to 119 gallons and also wired for single- and three-phase operation.

Model Capacity - Gal Recovery
M-2-30R6DS 30 21
M-2-40S6DS 40 21
M-2-40T6DS 40 21
M-2-50S6DS 50 21
M-2-50T6DS 50 21
M-2-65R6DS 65 21
M-2-80R6DS 80 21
M-2-120R6DS 119 21

The upright models have the hot and cold water connections on top of the water heater while the Utility models on the side. The 6 and 12-gallon models are equipped with the connections that allow either side or top installation. Specialty design water heaters from Table Top series are most of the time installed in the kitchen so the hot and cold water connections are mainly at the back. Wall Hung models have the water connections located on the bottom.

Lowboy series

Lowboy series are built with capacities from 19 to 47 gallons and due to its smaller sizes are meant for homes with the tight spaces and where the installation of the standard type is not possible.

Tankless Electric

KwickShot is the Bradford White brand name for the electric tankless water heaters, appliances that heat water on demand and provide hot water in unlimited supply. They are designed small and compact for easy wall-installation and are capable of replacing the conventional tank-type water heaters. Bradford White electric models from KwickShot can be found in single and three-phase models, with the thermostatic and flow control, and voltage range from 120 to 277 V and power from 3 to 38 kW.

KwickShot models are most of the time used in the kitchen or bathroom as the under-sink or point-of-use models, for fast hot water delivery in residential applications. They can also heat water to higher temperatures of 180 F and be used in hospitals, garages, schools, restaurants, manufacturing...

Solar Saver

For those who would like to incorporate free solar heating, Bradford White has a Solar Saver, which comes with one lower 4500 Watt heating element, thick 2" foam and Hydrojet system for sediment reduction.

All Bradford White electric water heaters come with the maximum warranty of 10 years.

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