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Navien tankless water heater - No!!

We purchased our Navien tankless water heater about 6 years ago and have had nothing but problems from the get-go. It really is a piece of junk. We are

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Flooding Water Heaters | Preventing and Fixing Tips

Flooding water heaters can be disastrous for your home and your wallet. If you want to prevent it from happening and learn how to act when it happens, keep reading and find out!

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No Hot Water Issues - Troubleshooting Water Heaters Guide

No hot water is coming down the sink when you open the tap? Want to take a bath but there is no hot water in the shower? Learn how to deal with this problem.

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Water Heater Booster Review and Buying Tips

Use water heater boosters to make water heaters more efficient and capable to deliver hot water faster? With water heater boosters improving the water heating process is much easier than before.

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How a Drain Water Heat Recovery System can Help you Save Money

Consider buying and installing a drain water heat recovery device to stop wasting energy with your water heaters and spend less money on your water heating bills.

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Luke warm water

After complaints about lukewarm water inside my neighbor's house, I started to investigate and found this. They have a Rheem on demand and I started to

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Problem with Noritz Tankless

I built a new home in 2007 and installed a Noritz tankless hot water heater. It now shuts off in the middle of a shower and the water is cold. The plumber

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Water Heater Corrosion | Rust in Plumbing | Brown Water in a Sink

Is your water heater leaking due to corrosion? Is there a leak from the rusty plumbing? Find out what is corrosion, rust, corrosive water and how it can affect your household. Check out what is that brown water coming out of the fixture, why it’s happening and how to prevent it.

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25 years probably without a problem in the 1960s-90s

Our first tank was an electric 'Cascade' by Giant that came with the new build house here in Ottawa, Ontario, in 1967. I was just a toddler, but talking

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How to test a thermocouple tip

I couldn't get the pilot light on my water heater to stay on no matter how long I kept the pilot light start button depressed. Following your instructions

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Bosch and minimum water flow

Had a Bosch heater for 15 years. In the last 10 years, keep getting error code A2 - flue gas temperature too high. Sometimes I have to reset several times

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Kenmore Power Miser issue

I began my fight to keep the Power Miser 6 going after it was on the job for a mere 6 months. Since that first failure, it has required undocumented cleaning

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Rust colored water after SEVERAL flushes!

I live in SLC, Utah and have a 4 year old AO Smith water heater. A month or so ago, my wife and I noticed the hot water was rust colored. I filled up our

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Rudd Guardian Pacemaker review

We bought our Rudd Guardian Pacemaker self-cleaning hot water heater and after a few months, it started to leak water out of the pressure relief valve

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Another Saga

For years our Rinnai goes cold mid shower, dishes, etc. After much troubleshooting of gas/water pressure and several expensive trips from a certified plumber

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Tankless hydronic boiler provides hot water but not heat

I have a three zone tankless boiler set up at my recently purchased home. I have hot water but not heat. When a thermostat calls for heat the circulation

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What they don't tell you

Navien NPE has been installed for a couple weeks. It's OK, but water pressure drops some 20% due to that's how it works. Although they don't tell you that

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8 year longevity on 60 gallon 172ETE, rusted from the outside in

Replaced a 25-year old(!) Giant water heater with a standard model (142ETE, 152ETE, 172ETE series) in 2009. Recently noticed dried rust streaks coming

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Poor performance, poor service by Giant

We have a three year old Giant Water Heater since purchase had three repairs and replacement parts. Long story short Giant will not stand by their warranty,

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Exhaust Vent cover blows off

At times, only when turning on the shower the exhaust vent cover will blow off under extreme pressure (Both intake and exhaust vented to outside wall).

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No hot water in the recirc lines

We can tell if there is a problem with the anti backflow valve in our recirc line when we don't get hot water in a short time. The minerals in our water

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Who do I do about my Reliance electric water heater problem?

We purchased an 80 gallon Reliance electric water heater and it was installed on 3/25/2014. It has been providing my husband and I all the hot water we

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Home owner - Giant

Giant water heater is a giant piece of crap. Ours was installed in 2012 and worked great...for 2 months. The pilot light wouldn't stay lit. Since we have

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How to Select a Water Heater Expert | Questions to Ask

How to select a water heater expert for installation, service or troubleshooting, if the problem occurs on your tank-type or tankless heater.

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Dirty hot water

I have had my Rinnai on demand hot water system for about two years now. The other day a person was using the shower in one of my bathrooms and the water

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