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Why Rinnai tankless water heaters are among the best? Find the expert review of gas-powered Rinnai water heaters. Features and advantages of Rinnai hot water heaters including the tankless, hybrid and condensing boilers grouped in several categories.

Rinnai water heaters are well-known in North America and looking at the online reviews you will be able to find hundreds of positive comments for all types of Rinnai water heating models.

Rinnai for residential use

All natural and propane gas tankless water heaters from Rinnai are built for residential, domestic hot water production, but can also be used in commercial applications.

As Rinnai offers two groups of tankless heaters and models for any home size, condensing type is what makes the difference; ultra efficiency, green, fast hot water delivery in endless supply, high water flow rate, long warranty.


Rinnai water heaters come in multiple sizes that include many common features and parts which are also replaceable and recyclable. All models are small and compact, providing an endless and continuous hot water, fast with accurate temperatures. Some people will call them instantaneous as they heat water instantly (they do not deliver water instantly though).

Note: According to the builder's magazine "Most Popular Products", Rinnai gas heaters are the most popular in US, of all manufacturers.

Rinnai manufacturer is the Japanese company, founded in 1920s, that started distributing gas appliances in North America in 1974. On the global level, Rinnai has over 30 million installed water heaters around the world. Today Rinnai US has, not only the extensive network of licensed technicians, but facilities where the research has been performing and training provided for new and existing representatives and service personnel.

Rinnai tankless water heater model review

rinnai water heater with the tankless technology

Rinnai manufacturer builds small and compact wall-mounted water heaters that can be installed inside or outside. These are very convenient to install as they save the floor space and include an exclusive Rinnai concentric vent system.

There are Rinnai tankless water heaters for almost any home size; from the smallest V53 with the maximum capacity of 120,000 Btu to the largest RUR98, and maximum gas input of 199,000 Btu, there is a water heater for everybody. For those looking for the top of the line products for water heating with the maximum efficiency, Rinnai condensing units and boilers are recommended.

There are three groups of gas on demand heaters built by Rinnai.

Value series - V53, V65, V75, V94

Value series offers indoor and outdoor models that come with the capacity from 5.3 GPM to 9.8 GPM, and are designed for small to mid size homes, located mainly in warmer regions, covering from 2 to 4 fixtures. All the models are non-condensing where some are high efficient with the maximum energy factor of 0.82. These are a good choice for budget-oriented families and homes with smaller hot water demand.

Luxury series - RL75 and RL94

Luxury series offers two sizes, both Energy Star qualified and one model - RLX94i, with the ultra low NOx emission. RL75i and RL75e are designed to provide 7.5 GPM which is sufficient for medium-sized homes or homes with up to three bathrooms. An indoor model RL94i and RL94e built for the outdoor installation is for larger homes which have up to five bathrooms. They offer longer 12-year limited warranty, as opposed to previous series that comes with the 10-year protection. The modern and sleek metallic look makes them durable and more attractive for consumers. The unique features include the recirculation and isolation valves for easy service and maintenance.

Ultra series - RUS, RUCS, RU, RUR and RUC series

Ultra series is consisted of condensing models that are considered ultra-efficient as the energy efficiency is over 90%. Rinnai water heaters from the Ultra series are built with two heat exchangers and for use in small to large-sized homes and they provide maximum of 9.8 gallons per minute. All models from RU, RUC, RUR and RUS series are Energy Star approved.

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Features and benefits

One of the greatest advantages of Rinnai hot water heaters are the green technology, which provides better efficiency and less pollution.

With the high efficient technology Rinnai hot water heaters deliver up to 40% savings in energy and can work with the low water flow, which for some models is 0.4 GPM - enough for small jobs such as shaving.

For those home owners who are in need for higher hot water delivery, EZConnect allows two units to be combined and work as one. And if hot water is needed instantaneous, a water heater from RUR series, is an ideal solution due to its recirculation system.

The gas burner is earth-friendly as it produces less NOx and CO2 greenhouses gases. Indoor models are designed with zero clearance or models with the sealed combustion. This and its unique venting system is what allows them flexible installation inside the home, as long as you follow the recommendation such as the professional installation and the use of original vent kits.

All of the components are high quality and most of them are replaceable. So if something breaks, great design allows an easy replacement.

They are also smart since the built-in diagnostic system shows the error codes which helps in troubleshooting.

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