How To Fix Water Heaters and Replace the Elements

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Either you have a problem with water heater or have to remove, install and replace the broken part, the "How to" article will guide you. "How to" article will cover majority of the water heaters in North America, such as AO Smith, Rheem, Bradford White, Paloma, Rinnai, Noritz, Bosch and many other.

Bosch Q & A

How to replace Hydro Generator on Bosch water heaters from 520 series?

How to replace temperature sensors?

How to replace a gas control valve?

How to replace ignition electrodes?

How to fix noisy burner?

How to remove and install heat exchangers on Bosch C1210 model?

How to troubleshoot Bosch tankless by using the error codes?

How to replace a water valve on C1050ES?

Reliance Q & A

How to fix the thermocouple?

Kenmore Q & A

How to check is my gas-powered Kenmore water heater working properly?

How can I convert the heating element on Kemore Power Miser 12 50-gal to use different wattage than factory installed?

How to remove hot surface igniter for cleaning and replacement?

Rheem Q & A

How to install Rheem heat pump?

Fixing hot water bad taste.

Why and how to reset ECO

AO Smith Q & A

How to fix AO Smith when the pilot light goes out?

How to install powered anode rod on GAHH 40 from AO Smith?

How to test the air pressure switch?

How to Fix an Error code 6 on AO Smith GPDH 50

State Q & A

How to clean the flame arrestor?

Troubleshooting power vent water heater where blower runs continuously.

Whirlpool Q & A

How to operate gas valve and thermostat on gas tank-type models?

American Q & A

How to install heat traps?

John Wood

Troubleshooting the error code 111 - No hot water


How to fix heating elements and no hot water due to dry firing, bad wiring and sedimend build-up?

How to replace anode rod?

How to replace dip tube?

How to replace gas valve on tank-type WH?

How to replace TPR valve?

How to replace heating elements?

Creaking noise...

How to deal with condensation in venting.

How to select water softeners for water heating?

How to reduce the water heating costs.

How to chlorinate a water heater.

Open or closed water heater system?

How to locate and fix the plumbing crossover

Installing a draft hood

Backdrafting - the cause and solution

Tips on installing a heat pump

How to fix the "not enough hot water" problem...

Using recirculation to fix the slow hot water delivery

How to select a water heater expert

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