Model Number Explained on
Whirlpool Water Heaters

Find out how to read the Energy Guide label, understand the features and warranty on your Whirlpool water heater by using the model numbers.

Every water heater comes with the Energy Guide label, where you can find info about the fuel type, capacity and First Hour Rating, estimated yearly operating cost, manufacturer and model number. The model number on Whirlpool water heaters is a combination of letters and numbers, and it is useful to have when ordering the replacement parts or troubleshooting, for example.

Model Number on Gas Water Heaters Explained

The following two model numbers will be taken as examples for Whirlpool gas water heaters: ND50T122-403 and PCG2J4040T3NOV.

Model number ND50T122-403

This particular gas water heater is coming from the category where models are equipped with the 6th Sense feature, while the other example comes from the group without this technology.

The Energy Guide label for the model number ND50T122-403 shows the First Hour Rating of 81 GPH, Craftmaster Ind. as the manufacturer, estimated yearly operating cost and the model number.

ND - Natural Gas Dampered. You may also see (N - natural gas,
L - propane gas, NU - Ultra Low NOx)

50 - Capacity in Gallons

T - Tall size or (S - short)

12 - Warranty in years (also 6 and 9 years)

2 - Thickness of the foam insulation in inches

40 - Gas input in BTU

4 - Vent size in inches

Model number PCG2J4040T3NOV

PC - Pressurized Combustion high efficiency. You may also see (BF - Flame Lock; MF - for mobile homes; PV - PowerFlex; DV - Direct Vent; U - Ultra Low NOx; PDV - PowerFlex Direct Vent; MHSC - for Mobile Home with Sealed Combustion)

G - Gas

2 - Thickness of the foam insulation in inches

J - 12-year warranty (A - 3-year, E - 5-year, F - 6-year, H - 9-year)

40 - Capacity in Gal

40 - Power in BTU

T - Tall size (S - short)

3 - Vent size in inches

N - Natural Gas (P - propane gas, NO - Low NOx))

V - T&P installed

Model Number on Electric Water Heaters Explained

I will also use two examples of the model numbers for the Whirlpool electric water heaters, one for the standard type and one for the hybrid:

Model number ES80H123-45D

ES - Energy Smart model

80 - Capacity in Gallons

H - Tall size or (R - regular)

12 - Warranty in years (may also be 6 or 9 years)

3 - Thickness of the foam insulation in inches

45 - Power in kW

D - Double element (S - single element)

Model number HPE2K80HD045V

HP - Heat Pump (may also be E - electric, MH - for mobile homes, ES - Energy Smart)

2 - Thickness of the foam insulation in inches

K - 10-year warranty (may also be: A - 3 years, E - 5, F - 6, H - 9 or J - 12 years)

80 - Capacity in Gallons

H - size Tall (or R - regular, L - Lowboy, U - Utility, T - Tabletop)

D - Double element (S - single element)

045 - Power rating in kW

V - T&P installed

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