Top valve is leaking

by Sam

I have a Bradford White gas water heater, model M-I-5036FBN with the 50-gallon tank, purchased not long ago. It was working perfectly till yesterday, when I found a puddle of water on the ground of my basement while valve at the top of the unit was leaking (dripping). Please help, I would like to know what is the fix and do I have to call the BW technician?

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May 13, 2017
Higher a "qualified" professional next time
by: certified master plumber w/35+ years

The lack of a "professional" installation was your problem not the tank its-self.
The PRV is required to be installed and piped to a drain or safe location by code.
Had the PRV not done its job the piping in the residence could have ruptured elsewhere (or worse).

Water heater are not intended (some exceptions apply)for in-floor or hydronic heating as they have insufficient recover required for that purpose.

Apr 22, 2014
High tank pressure release valve leaking
by: Fred T

I just had a new Bradford White Defender Model M1TW40S3FBNH installed by a local plumbing company. The water heater is used on a closed circuit in floor heating system. My problem stemmed from a failed Expansion Tank which allowed the pressure to build up in the tank when the cold water expanded when heated. Pressure was released by the high pressure safety valve which was the water drip. If the pressure is high in your home and you have a back flow valve on the system your tank pressure could cause the release of pressure. If you have a expansion tank check the pressure with a tire gauge on the bottom. If you get water instead of air, the bladder has failed and the tank need to be replaced.

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