thermal expansion in water heating systems

by Sy

Do I have to install the expansion vessel in water heating system and how to check to I need one? Any recommendations for the brand?

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Oct 27, 2013
tips when installing expansion tank
by: Scott

Check the water pressure in your home, the recommended pressure should be between 50 and 60 PSI. If the pressure is greater than 80 PSI, pressure reducing valve has to be installed.

The air pressure should be equal the maximum water pressure and if needs some adjustments, use the hand pump as the air bladder is sensitive.

If there is trapped air from the other side of the air bladder remove it by turning the hot water tap until steady stream of water flows.

Oct 19, 2013
installing tips, expansion tank
by: MM

When the water heater heats water, the thermal expansion occurs causing the water pressure inside the tank to increase.

During the thermal expansion in the closed-loop system, water increases its volume which can negatively affect the elements and connections, also the TPR valve might discharge small amount of water.

This is why the expansion vessel needs to be installed and that will prevent future damages. The most used expansion tanks in residential homes are those that have the built-in air cushion that compresses when the pressure increases, therefore accepting the excess water.

The most frequent symptoms of the thermal expansion in closed water heating systems are the following; TPR valve and faucet drip, component failures, creaking noise and water surges. These failures are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

The expansion tank should be installed close to the water heater on the cold water supply line. A closed water supply system is the system that contains a water meter with a check valve, backflow preventer or pressure reducing valve.

The size of the expansion tank depends on the capacity of the water heater. It is recommended to buy a unit with a minimum capacity of 1.5 gallons for every 50 gallons of stored water.

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