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Review of State Select electric water heaters for the whole-house and point-of-use service. Explore the Select series and a variety of specially designed models that can be installed in any home, tight spaces, even in your kitchen under the sink.

State Industries features electric water heaters that are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and capacities for residential water heating. These electric models are built from low 2.5 gallons to 119-gallon tank sizes, and some models are available in short, medium and tall sizes, high efficiency or economy.

State Select electric water heaters with the capacity from 30-gallon utilize two standard 4500-watt heating elements and self-cleaning diffuser dip tube, which, thanks to the turbulent water flow, helps in reducing the sediment and limescale buildup resulting in the high performance. They all have two features that protect the metal tank from corrosion; glass lining and anode rod. Smaller models are equipped with one heating element, and they usually come with the already installed electric cord, for convenience.

Electric water heaters from Select series

Select High Efficiency

Select High-Efficiency series includes electric water heaters with the capacity from 40 to 80 gallons, where most models are tall, while only one comes in medium size (49") and popular 50-gallon tank size. All models are with the energy factor of 0.92 and 0.93, mainly thanks to the 2.5" thick insulation foam with R-value of 20 and heat traps. This is what makes them achieve high efficient water heating, which brings the energy savings and the incentives from the utility companies.

As opposed to most heaters, Select High-Efficiency models have the aluminum anode rod, vs magnesium type, which is according to many professionals, a better solution as it lowers the chances of the rotten egg odor problem. Standard warranty is 6 years, but it can be extended to 10.

Select electric water heaters

State Select electric water heaters are the standard type heaters, that is also the widest group of all. There are 15 models in three sizes: tall, short and Lowboy, and are available in capacities from 28 to 119 gallons. Most of the models come with the foam insulation value R of 16, while the energy factor ranges from the lowest 0.81 to the maximum of 0.93, for the efficient water heating.

Recovery rate is still 21 F as with the previous "Select High Efficiency" series. All the models are equipped with the features that provide 6-year warranty, but it can be extended to 10 years with a small modification on the heaters.

Table Top

State Select Table Top series are specially designed electric water heaters that come in two sizes; 26 and 40-gallon tank capacity. Their unique rectangular shape and flat top surface making them ideal for installation in the kitchen as the additional counter space. They come with the 6-year warranty.


State Select electric water heaters from Junior series are designed for heating potable water in homes where the available floor space is an issue. Models with the capacity from 6 to 20 gallons are small, and they use only one heating element making them perfect for installation under the counter, for example. There are six models; from 6 to 38 gallons, where only 29 and 38-gallon models have the higher energy factor of 0.92 and 0.93. They are convenient to use, as they come with the cord. The warranty on Junior models is 6 years.


State Select electric water heaters from the point-of-use water series are used to deliver only small amounts of hot water. State offers only one model, which comes with the capacity of 2.5 gallons and is ideal as the distant heater for garages, offices, remote sinks or cottages.

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