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How State Premier electric water heaters can save you money. Read the detailed review and find the benefits from the most innovative features, Premier series can offer.

There are two groups of electric water heaters from State Industries: Premier and Select, both built to provide potable hot water for residential use.

The Select group has more models and types in its offer, but State Premier electric models are, with the energy factor of 0.95, the most efficient among conventional type heaters.

Model sizes in Premier series

state premier electric water heaterState Premier electric water heaters can be found in six sizes; from 40 to 80 gallons, which are providing enough hot water for households with two to five family members.

Two of the most popular sizes, 40 and 50-gallon, are designed as tall and medium in height. If you are planning to install a 40-gallon water heater in the attic where there is not much space above the unit, you might find that the model with 60.5" in height is not a good idea, but medium-sized with 47" could perfectly.

These two tank sizes are ideal for two people and are the most sold units, so having a variety is a good idea. For those homes with a family of four to five, 80-gallon unit and its 81-gallon First Hour Rating is a better solution, but you can choose only one model.


All the models have the same energy factor of 0.95, and recovery rate of 21 GPH while the First Hour Rating is different, it is in a range from 52 for the smallest unit to 81 gallons for the unit with the largest tank size.


What makes Premier series unique, when compared to other groups, is the self-cleaning system that prolongs the heaters' life, keeps the performance high and saves you money at the end of the day.

This system consists of the PEXAN dip tube which creates the turbulent flow inside the tank, therefore, reducing the sediment build-up at the bottom of the tank and on heater's components. The dip tube is made of the high-quality plastic which lasts longer even when exposed to the temperatures of up to 400 F.


Premier's high efficiency has been achieved by using the 3" thick foam insulation and the heat traps. Most of the electric water heaters require an insulation blanket to reduce the heat loss, but Premier's high R insulation value of 24 ensures that the standby heat loss is reduced to its minimum.


State uses an exclusive Blue Diamond system, a high-quality glass coating that is harder and more resistant to the aggressive water conditions than in other models, and heavy-duty anode rod for protecting the inside surface of the metal tank from corrosion.

Heating elements

Another set of elements is what makes the State Premier series better are the Sandhog heating elements, made of stainless steel for durability. These 4500-watt elements are low-watt density that has a larger contact area so heat transfer is much better and efficient.

State Premier electric water heaters are designed mainly for heating potable water and cannot be used in space heating. If the heater was properly used the State Industries covers you for 10 years on the tank and its parts.

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