Shut down water heater when on vacation?

by Liz

I plan on going on vacation for a week or so and my question is do I have to turn my Bradford What gas water heater off or keep it on?

If keeping it ON, what is the best temperature setting when it is cold (winter) and when it is warm outside?

If the water heater is ON when I am absent, are there any potential issues?

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May 13, 2017
better safe than sorry

Its recommended that one should turn the water heater gas control to the pilot position
or turn the temperature control to the lowest or vacation setting if you are going away for more than the weekend, I also recommend that to shut off your water to the residence and open both hot and cold taps in a bathtub to relieve any pressure.

If you have the misfortune to have a leak it will minimize the amount of damage and prevent any run away leak under full pressure.

Always shut off the electricity to any electric tank prior to doing this and ensure the tank is full of water and the air bled off before energizing the tank after you return.

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