Rinnai... Hate it!!!

Rinnai... Hate it!!!

by Janette
(Metairie, La.)

Two years ago my plumber talked me into this. It takes forever for the hot water to get to my kitchen. My house is not large and the tank is only 10 feet from the unit which is right next to my gas meter. Now my tankless isn't working at all and I can't get a plumber out today. It is showing some error codes that are not in my book. The tank water heaters are so much less upkeep and problems. If the electricity goes out you have no hot water because the gas has an electronic starter! I regret getting this thing. I just had to go get a hotel with hair dye in my hair because I have no hot water!

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Jan 07, 2017
by: ckelley1212

I have a Rinnai RU98i that was installed by our builder in our newly built house in April of 2014 - we have had nothing but problems. They started around a year after it was installed, then about 9 months later, then 2 more times a few months later. Their customer support team is extremely nice and helpful but the product and the parts department are equally terrible.

Not only have I had 4 problems in about 2.5 years but each time they send me a part for my plumber to install they either send the wrong part or don't send enough parts that they say they are going to send when I talk to them on the phone. Which has resulted in my family of 5 not having hot water for at least a week each time it is down. The last time I had a support call, the company offered to pay my plumber to install the parts they sent (the 2nd time they sent the correct parts, not the first) because I complained so much and it was the 3rd problem in 2 years. But when my plumber sent them the bill the way Rinnai asked him to, they sent a letter and a check for about 10% of the bill and said they refused to pay the rest. I then called back and they didn't have any record on file of that offer.

I currently have a complaint filed today - it stopped working again. No hot water and it is 19 degrees outside. I have asked repeatedly for a new unit but they refuse to send me anything but parts. I AM DONE WITH RINNAI. DO NOT BUY THIS UNIT.

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