Navien issues

by Ted Stolz
(Ottumwa, Ia.)

I purchased a Navien Tankless Water heater 7 years ago. I have had problems with the unit as the water turns cool after about 2 minutes in the shower. Couldn't get it corrected and now the re-circulation pump has a noise and can't use that pump. Don't purchase this water heater for the warranty will not cover the problems. I will return to the tank type because of the problems that I had to deal with. Buyer beware!

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Jul 04, 2017
Navien - Problem
by: John Murray

I have just read a few of the reviews, looks like Navien is not the right way to go. I built a new home 6 years ago. The plumber installed a Navien NR-180. He said it was a great unit, since he was a plumber and not a dealer I took him at his word. Pretty much from day one it took 30 seconds or so to heat the water in the upper lever, then in a minute or so it would cool for another short period then come back hot and stay that way.It seems this problem is getting more regular.

Today, I was taking or should I say attempting to take a shower, it got hot like always then cold. Problem is it never got hot again. As always I check the unit there was no red led on the control unit, like lit usually has. No led's whatsover. So, I power down via the control unit, no error msgs at all. The water never got hot in fact ice cold. I had a commitment that I had to be in so I just went. I have since gotten home and started looking and reading the manual. I can't find the difference between a NR and NP 180 model?? I changed my whole house water filter from a well, powered everything down, and yes when I did my work and powered everything on I had hot water. I can live with it taking a short time period to get hot and even the 2 or so minute period of cold before going back hot.

But, I can't handle the unknown, I will probably call Navien tomorrow but from what I read they really aren't that helpful. Thank God I haven't had any leakage. If someone could shed some troubleshooting aids I would certainly appreciate it. Looks like I may be out more dollars for a Rinnai. Thanks

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