Kenmore Water Heaters
Review and Buying Tips

Shopping for Sears Kenmore water heaters? Check out the expert review of the popular Kenmore hot water heaters such as Power Miser from gas and electric series, Energy Star models, and the top features.

Kenmore hot water heaters are made by the State Industries, owned by the largest manufacturer of water heating devices AO Smith and sold exclusively through Sears stores.

Types of water heaters sold by Sears

Kenmore water heaters are designed as gas and electric storage tank-type units, for residential and commercial water heating, in a variety of sizes and capacities. Kenmore heaters are recommended for those who are looking for the economy models and trusted brand. They will cost you somewhere between 200 and 800 dollars, depending on the size, warranty, and features they offer.

Kenmore electric water heaters are cheaper than its gas counterparts, as they are simpler and cost less to build. On the other side, gas-powered heaters are more complex, can use both natural gas and propane (LP) and some models are high-efficient, making them Energy Star compliant and eligible for government grants.

Top Kenmore gas water heaters

  • Power Miser
  • PowerVent
  • HydroSense
  • Elite
  • Energy Star

Kenmore water heaters, such as those found in any of the above groups, utilize both natural or propane gas, and are built for residential water heating and installations in mobile homes. PowerMiser is also available as the electric model.

Power Miser series

Power Miser series includes gas units with the capacities from 30 to 75 gallons and with the three types of warranty; 6,9 and 12 years. Water heaters with the longer warranty are produced with the two anode rods for better rust protection, and they include the self-cleaning system to reduce the sediment built-up.

All the Power Miser models are using the most common atmospheric vented system with one-pipe vents, which naturally expels the flue gases outside. At the same time, fresh air, which should be provided for the correct gas combustion, is taken from the surrounding environment.

Kenmore water heaters from Power Miser series are using the popular pilot light for lighting the gas burner and thermocouple as the safety element. FVIR is the standard feature, and it reduces the risk of the accidental lighting of the flammable vapors.

One of the best Kenmore gas water heaters is Power Miser 12 with the 75-gallon capacity. This unit is not Energy Star compliant model but is long-lasting and provide Ultra-Low NOx gas combustion. The self-cleaning Roto Swirl system helps in reducing the problems related to sediment build-up. Warranty on these models is long 12 years as the metal tank is protected with the two anode rods.

Power Vent series

Power Vent models are more advanced water heaters than the above-mentioned Power Miser series. Kenmore water heaters from Power Vent series are using the hot surface for the ignition, electrically operated blower to exhaust the flue gases and Intelligent diagnostic system for troubleshooting. These are not Energy Star approved models, and they come with only 6-year warranty.

HydroSense series

HydroSense is another advanced series of Kenmore hot water heaters that offer units with the 12-year warranty and sophisticated technology for error diagnostics.

Elite series

Kenmore Elite series offers two models with the 40 and 50-gallon tank capacity, both Energy Star compliant. They have a patented air intake system for better performance, non-sacrificial powered anode rod, electronic ignition and digital panel for temperature control and diagnostic system for troubleshooting.

Energy Star models

Energy Star approved Kenmore water heaters are high-efficient units as the water gets more heat and there is less heat loss. These models are equipped with the thicker foam and higher insulation value and have installed heat traps. Four models are Energy Star approved, and they come with the 40 and 50-gallon capacity.

Electric models

Kenmore electric water heaters are available in four sizes; compact, short, medium and tall sizes. The smallest models come with the capacity of a few gallons only and are built for point of use applications and are usually installed under the sink.

The best of tall models are found with the capacities from 30 to 80 gallons, designed with the 3" inch thick foam insulation for reduced heat loss and two anode rods, which, due to the better protection allows Kenmore to provide a 12-year warranty.

The best electric water heaters are also equipped with the super LimeGuard heating elements for the superior resistance to lime build-up and Everlast Pexan dip tube, which helps in reducing the sediment build-up at the bottom of the tank.

The features you should also consider, as recommended by, are the DualWatt convertible electric elements so the heater can operate on 3800 Watts or 5500 Watts. These heating elements can be found on all Kenmore Power Miser 9 and Power Miser 12.