Hate it so far - Noritz Tank-less is not worth it

by George Marchelos
(Saratoga, ca. USA)

I have to be blunt but I regret the day that my plumber put this unit in. I've had to replace the mainboard because it was out of rev, I had to replace some of the gaskets because it leaked and almost ruined my ceiling, every few months I have to go up and physically reset it, and now I got an error code 20 today.

I went up and reset the unit then it started working fine. About two hours later I had no hot water at all physically coming out of my faucets throughout my house. I went back up in the attic and had error code 60 which is not even listed in the manual nor online and I could not reset it without unplugging the unit waiting 30 seconds and plugging the unit back in.

If I ever have to do this again I'm going with the old reliable gas heated 50-gallon standard water tank with an external recirculating pump as I had before. Not as energy-efficient for sure but solid and reliable without the stupid problems.

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