Don't waste your money

by Jeannine Giguere

a nighmare

a nighmare

We have had the Giant, tankless hot water tank for 5 years. It has been a nightmare from the beginning, the tank stopped working, there was an airlock but there is nothing in the troubleshooting to tell you this or how to fix it. We found out on our own. By lifting a valve on the side to drain the water out. We tried and tried to find a service person but there are none to be found, you are left on your own. Good luck as this system is enclosed and you cannot reach anything inside. We found out, by reading that these tankless systems are not recommended for wells. If you are on a well do not use these, as hard water will build up and destroy the pipes.

Our pipe burst last week, water throughout the system.. the tank is done. It will corrode over time. You cannot access this pipe nor change it. Again... there is no servicing personnel to call. Waste of money. We are in the process of putting a large 50-gallon water tank in, which cost a lot less and will last so much longer. Yes, these tankless systems sound good but trust me they are a huge headache. DO NOT PURCHASE!!! I have taken pictures of the inside... as you can see/ or not how difficult this system is to fix... again there is no support once you purchase...

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Feb 24, 2019
Lack of support for tankless water heaters
by: Anonymous

I do agree, there is no service personnel anywhere for any of these heaters. I purchased a Bosch heater in 2006 and had my share of frustrations over a period of about 10 years. Had to keep re-setting the heater due to a bad over-heat sensor. Finally got a new sensor from Bosch and it has worked trouble free since then. Never the less, it is impossible to find support for even a well-known brand like the Bosch.

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