Bosch 2400ES

Bosch 2400ES

by Mike
(Union City N.J.)

At first there was a few Glitches but It has been supplying Hot water year round since for 4 years now.

It is the most comfortable shower you can take once it adjusts usually on first start about 40 seconds on first floor it is running 2 family house 6 showers every day. My problems were from not enough Gas pressure or volume is the main thing. You need to follow the guide for distance from meter to unit. I am currently running 11/4 black pipe till about 5 feet from unit then 1 inch rite to the intake port with 3/4 reducer inches from Inlet. Need big flow shut off not the little crappy 3/4 stove shut offs they are inadequate. My mistake was not venting air inlet from outside same side as exhaust need 3 feet min. from exhaust. The reason being some homes have negative pressure. This is what caused my EA lock out and had to reset too many times. The unit is working beautiful now and very efficient. 25 dollar gas bill in January with stove and clothes dryer on same meter pretty damn Good I Love it. I bought a second 1 recently the newer 830ES as a spare.I may switch and use 830 and keep 2400ES as back up a great water heater.

PS they need to be flushed once a year with vinegar and pump not a big deal. 2 of my friends have Bosch Water heaters over 10 years still working fine try that with tank heater and the savings is the best part,that is my first reason for buying in the first place. Good Product in my opinion.

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