Ariston Boilers Review

The company that is known today as Ariston Thermo Group was founded in 1930's in Italy. The first Ariston water heater was made in 1960's. Today, Ariston brand is present in over 150 countries.

The Ariston company designs and makes a wide variety of the heating appliances; from small residential boilers and water heaters to the large commercial burners. The company is also the owner of the following brands: Ecoflam, Thermowatt, Chaffoteaux, Elco, Racold and Cuenod.

Ariston model review

The most popular products used in water and space heating from Ariston group come from the gas-powered boilers that utilize on demand and condensing technology, also electric and solar thermal type and air-source heat pumps.

Ariston gas boilers

The most extensive group is the group of gas-powered boilers, and there are three types; combi boilers used in both water and space heating, system boilers combined with the cylinders and heat only boilers for domestic hot water production only.

All three groups of gas boilers are wall-hung, have small dimensions and maximum weight of 36 kg, allowing easy handling and installation. The main features include the durable stainless steel heat exchanger and AUTO function, which guarantees the precise and enhance temperature controll, providing great energy savings, improved efficiency and better comfort level. All the Ariston boilers are environment friendly due to the low NOX gas combustion and are very safe due to the several built-in safety sensors and devices.

Combi group

Ariston gas boilers from the combi group are designed as E-COMBI EVO and CLASS HE EVO series, which include several models with the capacities from 24 kW to 38 kW and maximum water flow up to 15.6 l/min. Combi boilers provide heating and domestic hot water directly from the boiler and on demand, so no need for the separate hot water cylinder. This type doesn't occupy much of the home space while providing an unlimited heat and hot water. The combi group comes with the warranty of maximum 5 years.

System group

From the Ariston boiler system group there are two models; E-SYSTEM EVO and CLASS HE COMBI EVO, found in sizes from 18kW to 28kW. This type of the gas boilers heats the home space directly while producing hot water for the cylinder and from there to the fixtures, resulting in faster hot water delivery.

Heat only group

Ariston CLAS HE R is the heat only type boiler that comes with the power output of 24kW only and has the AUTO function as the above models, while it incorporates the auto-diagnostic system that helps if there is a system mulfunction.

Ariston heat pumps

Ariston heat pumps are recommended for the homes where the gas delivery is not a viable solution and for those who are looking to reduce the electrical bill. The heat pumps are found in  two sizes; both cylinder-type and utilizing the surrounding warm air for water heating. The model NUOS FS 200 is the smaller unit which has the 200 litre capacity and dimensions of 600 x 1850mm, while the model NUOS FS 250i has 250 litre tank and dimensions of 600 x 2100mm.

Both models are floor standing models that are as easy to install as the conventional electric cylinder. These are also equipped with the heating element which serves as the backup, if the surrounding air does not have enough heat to heat the water. The owners of the Ariston heat pump are protected for several years from any failure inside the product. The tank is protected from corrossion and leaking, as it is equipped with the three anode rods and a warranty of 5 years on the tank and 2 on the electrical components.

Ariston heat pumps can operate in four modes; Green, Boost,  AUTO and Anti-Legionnella.

The Green function is when only the heat pump works, ensuring the high efficient operation but lower hot water temperature than in other modes. This is recommended if the surrounding air provides enough heat, otherwise the efficiency would be low.

The Boost function is when both the heat pump and electric heating element heat the water at the same time, providing the highest recovery rate. According to the technical data, the reheat time is approximately 140 min (194 min - model NUOS FS 200), for the full tank capacity.

The AUTO function ensures the system to operate with the highest efficiency, which is when the heat pump is ON, while if there is a need for more hot water with the higher temperature, or to provide it faster, than the backup heating element is turned ON.

Anti-Legionnella function ensures the highest hot water temperature at which the Anti-Legionnella cannot survive, providing the owner a piece of mind.

Ariston electric

Ariston electric water heaters are found in two groups; small and wall mounted and floor standing cylinders. Small electric water heaters are designed for point of service installation and use, and are also known as the under or over the sink type. Classico HE and Aquabravo are two cylinder-type models which are floor standing and have the capacity up to 300l (495l) and waranty from 5 to 25 years (Aquabravo models due to the stainless steel tank). Floor standing models are equipped with the immersion type heating elements and thermostat for easy temperature control.

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