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How to select the best Aquastar tankless hot water heaters for potable water heating... Review of Bosch Aquastar 2700ES, 2400ES and 1600 series.

The tank-less technology in these models heats the water on demand which eliminates the need for bulky, storage-tank type water heaters. As long as your heater has continuous delivery of water and gas any of the Aquastar models will bring the hot water with the great energy savings.

As you have noticed I didn't mentioned electricity since the Bosch Aquastar water heaters can work without, either using the pilot light or an innovative concept.


Bosch Aquastar tankless hot water heaters come in various sizes, designed for up to three showers or major applications. These models are designed with the different flow rate and power output so choosing the right model depends on your home needs, especially during the peak time.

Sizing a tankless water heater is easy; see how many showers one unit can supply simultaneously. Keep in mind that more Btus one unit has, more hot water can deliver.

There are four groups developed and sold by Bosch.

  • Bosch Aquastar 2700ES

  • Bosch Aquastar 2400ES

  • Bosch Aquastar 1600

  • Bosch Aquastar 1000

  • Bosch Aquastar 125 series

Bosch tankless water heaters from 2700ES series are the most advanced products that are using natural gas for heating. With the maximum capacity of 7.2 GPM they are ideal for homes with up to three bathrooms or running three major applications at the same time. 2700ES are one of two series that is Energy Star approved, which brings additional savings through the government tax and other rebates.

bosch aquastar 2400 esBosch Aquastar 2400ES is the same model as 2700ES but it is smaller and delivers less hot water, but still OK for two-bath homes. Great thing about series 2400ES and 2700ES are their flexible installation.

They both can use the direct vent for vertical termination or by using the power vent kit horizontally. Also, both models are built for an indoor use but by installing an outdoor vent kit they can be installed outside. 2400ES and 2700ES series have the most sophisticated tankless gas water heaters from Bosch.

bosch 1600 hBosch Aquastar 1600 are designed for one major application. They are not as complex as the above two tankless models and the best representative is Aquastar 1600H that is using an innovative designed, hydro-generated system for gas ignition.

The greatest advantages of 1600 series are their independence of electricity and use of a cheap vent pipe. Aquastar 1600PS was designed as the backup tankless unit to the preheated water produce by the solar heating unit.

Bosch Aquastar 1000 is the tankless water heater built for applications where the small quantity of water is needed, such as apartments, cottages or camps. It is using a pilot light to light the gas burner and is totally electric-independent.

Bosch Aquastar 125 series contains three models; vent-less 125BO model designed for outdoor installations and with a very useful freezing feature, 125BS designed as the solar back-up heater and 125FX model specifically made power-vented water heater for the horizontal venting installations.

All Aquastar tankless hot water heaters are small, compact and wall-mounted, which saves a lot of floor space. Bosch provides a 12-year limited warranty on all its products, including 2 years for parts.

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