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AO Smith Effex water heaters, with the high energy efficiency of 0.7, advanced and green technology are definitely worth considering. The gas water heaters are Energy Star approved, can supply enough hot water to three showers running simultaneously and can save up to one fourth on water heating costs.

Explore its advanced features and benefits.

Effex models are the gas water heaters that have the highest efficiency among standard AO Smith models and are recommended for new houses and homes where the replacement of the old water heater is needed.

AO Smith Effex vs. standard gas models

ao smith effex5AO Smith Effex vs. standard gas models
When comparing AO Smith Effex with most of the standard type gas water heaters, you will find that it is not using a pilot light as most do, but electronic ignition or hot surface ignitor that last longer and increases the efficiency.

To protect the water tank, AO Smith Effex does not utilize the most used magnesium anode rod, but the advanced powered anode, which does not deplete over time (non-sacrificial), has much better performance, lasts longer and does not require any maintenance.

 Another component that makes it different is the advanced electronic control board with the LCD display for adjusting and monitoring the hot water temperature and showing diagnostics codes (problems with the ignition, power anode, ECO, LDO, air pressure...) for easy troubleshooting and repair.

As other water heaters, Effex model is equipped with the DynaClean diffuser dip tube for reducing sediment build-up and increased efficiency, and Green Choice gas burner which reduces greenhouses gases by one third.

What is truly specific for AO Smith Effex water heaters is the innovative design which incorporates the patented air intake system to create the pressurized environment in the gas combustion chamber (green part in the picture). The water heaters are atmospherically vented, but the tighter flue pipe within the tank allows slower hot air release so the energy transfer between the hot air, heated elements and surrounding water is increased and less wasted.

Keep in mind that since the new technology is installed in Effex water heaters they become more sensitive to installation errors and other factors.

AO Smith Effex models

There are two models from AO Smith Effex series, both designed with the 40,000 BTU gas input:

  • GAHH-40 as the 40-gallon water heater with the first hour delivery of 70 gallons and recovery rate of 43 gallons.

  • GAHH-50 as the 50-gallon model it has the first hour delivery of 81 gallons and the same recovery model as the model from above.

Effex models are designed for home and water heating and as the solar backup or storage water heater. They provide a 6-year warranty on the tank and meet many national and international standards, which also includes FVIR system or Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistance.

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