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An overview of the American Proline water heaters with the direct venting. Who should consider buying the Proline series and how direct vent models can benefit your home?

The American Proline direct vent water heaters (DV) are designed for homes, or to be precise, rooms with the insufficient air supply, where it is hard to provide enough fresh air for gas combustion, or it is not viable to install power-vent or atmospheric vent models. This is where direct vent units can be used.

Direct venting heaters are using one co-axial pipe, or pipe in a pipe, (also known as concentric type) where the outer is used to bring the combustion air from outside, while the inner pipe moves the products of combustion out. This is possible because DV water heaters are built with the sealed combustion, where the surrounding indoor air is untouched, making the inner atmosphere safe for the users.


Venting system

american water heater Proline with the direct venting

American Proline water heaters are gas-powered, tank-type appliances, used for heating potable water mostly, that utilize direct venting system with the horizontal and vertical termination.

Horizontal set-up comes with the thru-the-wall installation where the unit is located next to an outside wall, while the vertical set-up gets the vents through the roof.


As most modern water heating units, Proline models also include the FVIR or flammable vapor ignition resistant technology, which reduces the risk of accidental fires of the flammable vapors, usually coming from the products such as chemicals, paint, gasoline... stored in the same room as the heater.


The standard size for water connections of 3/4" allows heating of the potable water (the top connection) while the side inlet and outlet connections are built for space heating applications. The heaters can also be used as solar storage heater or as a backup for the solar system.

Gas elements

For those heaters that are powered by the natural gas, the main gas burner is made of the aluminized steel burner, while those models that run on propane gas they use the cast iron burners. To light the pilot and main burner, Proline models are using the Robert-Shaw gas control valve with the piezo-ignitor button, gas control knob, and thermostat.

Protecting the unit

There are several safety features/elements that are protecting the units and providing safe, reliable and long-lasting operation. These features include the corrosion-resistant lining of the metal tank, combined with the heavy-duty anode rod, thermocouple, thermostat and the ECO (Energy Cut OFF) feature to protect the unit from the overheating. Some models are equipped with the self-cleaning system, which controls the sediment and lime buildup within the tank while providing better efficiency and lower operating costs.


American Proline water heaters with the direct venting are available in two, the most popular sizes, 40 and 50 gallons, which are recommended for families with up to four family members and homes with low to regular demand for hot water.

Models Size
Gas Input
Rate (Gal)
DVG62-40S38-NV 40 38,000 38.5 0.59
DVG62-50S38-NV 50 42,000 42.6 0.58

American water heater company provides a 6-year warranty on most of the parts and water tank.

After reviewing all the features offered by this manufacturer and user's comments found online, I can freely say that the greatest advantage of the American Proline water heaters is the direct venting system that eliminates the issues caused by the insufficient indoor ventilation and contamination of the surrounding air.

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