American Hybrid Water Heater GH-90N Review

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American hybrid water heater, GH-90N, is the high efficiency gas-powered, power-vented unit that combines the best from the tank and tankless technologies. The new hybrid system delivers high 90% thermal efficiency for the improved energy savings and greater comfort. Check out the main features and benefits, for your home.

The hybrid technology of the American hybrid GH-90N model brings something new to the water heating industry; it combines the best features from the standard tank-type water heaters and on demand technology.

This way, new American hybrid water heater provides great performance as found in tankless models, quick recovery and twice hot water delivery as the 50-gallon heaters.

It eliminates the main problems when there is no hot water during the long draws and when there is a demand for several fixtures at the same time.

Advantages and features

Tankless + condensing technologies

american hybrid

Tankless technology is combined with the condensing system where the secondary heat exchanger is used to capture the latent heat from the exhaust gases. With the implementation of the new flue circulation system, the unit is able to achieve the maximum heat transfer and improved performance.

This is what results in high-efficient water heating and since the unit has the small buffer tank, no minimum water flow is required for the ignition and unpleasant showers with cold-water sandwiches.

The storage tank also comes handy during the peak demand, so there will be no flow restrictions and pressure drops.

Flexible installation

Installation is simple and venting system can use inexpensive PVC, CPVC and ABS pipes since they work with the low exhaust temperatures. The pipes can be installed vertically through the roof or horizontally through the wall and up to 100 feet in length. The water heater uses the same gas and water connections as the tank-type models. It cannot be used in hydronic and space heating, but it uses the recirculating system for faster hot water delivery.

Temperature controller

The temperature controller is installed in every American hybrid water heater and incorporates the LED screen to show the temperatures in both F and C degrees, when the burner is ON, error codes, fault indicator, safety lock feature and multiple operating modes.

Mode selection

The mode button allows you to choose between several operating modes such as the Energy Saver, Vacation and Boost modes. Mode selection depends on the specific hot water needs. The Energy Saver model has a temperature range from 100 to 135 F, Vacation has a fixed temperature setting of 90 F and the Boost mode has a temperature range from 140 to 158 F.


American hybrid GH-90N model utilizes the natural gas only and it comes with the recovery rate of 121 gallons, first hour delivery of 189 gallons and gas input of 100,000 BTU. The unit comes with the limited warranty of 6 years on the heat exchanger, tank, and other parts.

Safety features

  • ECO or Energy Cut Out protects the American hybrid water heater from the excessive water temperature (185 F)

  • Exhaust vent high temperature turns the unit OFF if the temperature of the exhaust gases exceeds the allowed (165 F)

  • Flame sensor located in the burner assembly shuts the unit down if there is no flame present

  • Thermal fuse shuts the unit OFF if the temperature in the combustion chamber increases over approximately 287 F

American hybrid water heater, GH-90N is a good choice for those looking for the whole-house water heating regardless of the climate, like the on-demand and continuous operation but with no minimum flow rate and for those who are in need of the quick recovery and fast water delivery without frequent temperature fluctuations.

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