Who do I do about my Reliance electric water heater problem?

Who do I do about my Reliance electric water heater problem?

by Cathy

We purchased an 80 gallon Reliance electric water heater and it was installed on 3/25/2014. It has been providing my husband and I all the hot water we need to fill a large jetted tub in the master bathroom and the normal household usage needed for the 2 of us seniors until several days ago. We noticed that the hot water was getting so very hot, almost scalding then there was no hot water at all.

Upon removing the top outer door and exposing the red reset button, which by the way, we didn't even know there was one until I read about it in the manual provided when we purchased it. After pushing the button, like magic, the water heater started to work again and we were back in business. That only lasted for a day and we were back to the same problem. Something is causing this to happen so how do we resolve this problem and is anything still under warranty? Our model no. is 680DORT210 and serial no. is 1344A022063. I believe there is a 6 year warranty on this model. Any help solving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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