Whirlpool Gas Water Heater makes loud hum

Whirlpool Gas Water Heater makes loud hum

by Del Price
(Antioch, Ca.)

Bought a Whirlpool gas water heater, model NU40T61-403, 40 gal. tall unit. I had this loud hum when the burner assembly would light and last for 10 seconds. I installed the unit myself and every thing else worked fine except the loud hum on the burner assembly.

I had no tools to check gas flow pressure but considered this to be a issue of too high gas flow into unit. What I did is I turned the gas valve supply valve near water heater to 1/2 opening and the noise is gone. It does take a while longer to heat the water now but sound is gone. Problem seemed to be gas rate too high for unit. Hopes this helps. P M.

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