Very impressed with my Navien NPE-240A

Very impressed with my Navien NPE-240A

by Jerry
(Phoenix, AZ)

I am very impressed with my Navien tankless water heater. I recently had the NPE-240A installed. It is easily one of the most efficient on the market. Due to it's high efficiency, I could utilize the 1/2 in gas line and 3 inch chimney style vent from my old 50 gallon gas tank heater; this saved me at least $1k on a larger, new gas line from the meter and new exhaust vent work and/or drilling holes in the wall of my garage.

I thought the built in hot water recirculation was going to be more of a sales gimmick, but it works great without the need of running an external, costly, and efficiency reducing hot water recirculation line. I get hot water to my fixtures in about 1/4 of the time of my old standard tank heater. (so, it saves water as well as energy/$)
And the big test, can it handle a load.. YES, it's very impressive at heating water! Can easily heat to 140 degrees with 4 fixtures running at at once. I'd imagine it could handle an even higher load, I just haven't tested it beyond that.

This is one of the best home upgrades I've ever made. Best efficiency ratings in the business, best warranty, simple install, and works as good or better than advertised.. Highly recommended!

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