Rinnai R53 Code 10 Saga

Rinnai R53 Code 10 Saga

by Kathy Grasty
(Durango Colorado )

Purchased our home last year. Rinnai is about 12 years old. Keeps having a Code 10. You can turn Unit off and back on and it will work. We have had service company out 4 times now:

1. Checked ventilation and dip switches etc.

2. Replaced the fan

3. Replaced the heat exchanger (it looked like it have never been cleaned) and cleaned water filter

4. Another time they took the recirculator off line (TACO). I have turned the temperature down to 115. Now in the shower we have hot water and then it goes cold but the error code does show up every time.

I am not sure if they have set the dip switches for the high altitude that we are in (Durango Colorado 6512) We are so very frustrated and would like to take a hot shower consistently! HELP!

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