Rinna RUR98I won't circulate at set point

Rinna RUR98I won't circulate at set point

by Greg Tieperman
(Plano TX)

I have (2) Rinnai RUR98I units installed on 6/23/16. Neither will circulate water at temp set point. They run 15 to 20 degrees under set point .. 120 is 100 to 105 & 140 runs 120 to 125. I want to run 120. The internal recirculation function continues circulating but flame cycles on & off at reasonable intervals (so it seems) but I can't pull anywhere close to the temp I have set at the thermostats. Very odd since it's happening on both new units. I'm using a loop manifold connecting hot to cold at the end faucet. I'm running 4 to 5 hours & still won't get within 15 degrees of set point??? Any thoughts?

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