Rheem should change their name to Ream

Rheem should change their name to Ream

by Gus
(Sacramento, CA USA)

I have a Rheem water heater Model # 22V30F with a broken "Pilot Knob".

I contacted Rheem and multiple parts suppliers. They all told me the same thing. Rheem does NOT sell the Pilot Knob individually. I need to purchase the "Gas Control Valve" which costs anywhere from $80.00 to $150.00.

What a rip off! Only the Federal Government would pay $80.00 or more for a knob that is worth less than $5.00.

I guess Rheem wants to Ream their customers. I will never ever purchase any Rheem products again.

I have seen the same knob on other brands of water heaters. I will try to get a knob from one of them.

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