Replacing Aquastar 125v

Replacing Aquastar 125v

by virginia
(athens, ohio, usa)

Have had an Aquastar 125v (propane) tankless water heater for the past 18 years, and there are no longer parts available, thinking of replacing it with a 750 Bosch (Bosch bought Aquastar, but was told they would soon be discontinuing it, but would carry parts for ten years, so maybe there will be a problem getting parts in ten years, they said they will no longer be making anything that small...the Aquastar capacity was fine for my cabin, which has just a bathtub and kitchen sink using hot water, there is a clothes washer, but we almost always use just cold water in that. Wondering whether to go with the Bosch or get a Noritz or Takagi. This is in the country, very basic living, probably would like to stay with something just gas with no need for electricity, we have electricity but when the power goes out, it is sometimes not back on for even a week or two. The water heater is in a cellar which sometimes gets damp.

If we get the Bosch, wondering whether to go with the hydrowheel or pilot light model. Often leave for the winter, and drain the unit.

Sometimes it has been hard to get the pilot light to light or stay lit, but this time even if the pilot light stays lit, the other burners will not come on, want something kind of small and simple but has to be adequate for cold winters, living in southeast Ohio, some new features look interesting, but not sure how to sort it all out, any suggestions on which model to get or how to decide?

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