Pilot light too high.

Pilot light too high.

The pilot light on a mobile home hot water heater started burning high several weeks ago. It was burning normal until then (pilot flame shooting to the side.) Pressure is coming from a large propane tank that has not been filled since the winter. The tank is still 40% full. Therefore, the pilot should still be under the same pressure when the flame went high. (I read your post on this topic.)

The heater is 10+ years sold. It has a small cap screw on it by the temp adjustment knob that has the word pilot under the cap screw. The cap screw is not the adjustment and needs to be removed to get to a recessed area under it.The heater still functions normally except the pilot flame is now about 1+ inch high. Can the pilot be turned down here or is the pilot tube burner end burned out and the pilot tube need to be replaced? Is it another problem?

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