Paloma works well but requires regular maintenance

Paloma works well but requires regular maintenance

by Peter Bonnell
(Medina, OH)

I have had the model PH28-R from Paloma since 2008. With 6 people showering every morning, it has performed like a champ.

The only issue I have is that the electrodes become corroded approximately every 6 months and it will not light.

To clean them is a major hassle. I have to disconnect all the wires from, and remove the control board. I then have to disconnect and remove the three internal gas supply lines. Disconnect and remove the entire burner unit. Then, gently sand each electrode with a fine emery cloth to remove all corrosion. Finally, I blow out the unit with an air compressor to remove any dust or debris. Once cleaned, the entire unit must be reassembled. The process takes about an hour. Afterward, it works great for another 6 months or so.

For someone that is not very handy, it would be a major expense to have an HVAC tech come twice a year to disassemble and clean the entire unit.
You would think that engineers would know that electrodes become corroded and provide for much easier access. I would hope the newer units have addressed this issue.

That being said, having had one for nearly a decade, I will never go back to an old fashioned water tank again.

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