Older propane water heater , has yellow flame

Older propane water heater , has yellow flame

Hello as stated above, older propane gas hot water heater, 30 gal, tall, 30,000 btu, has a lot of soot in burner area, Hot water heater is installed in a screen room next to home, flame is quite high an yellow, this just happened as the unit has been there for yrs.

I attempted to adjust the vent on the burner it made no difference in flame, also the burners on gas stove seem fine so I don't think it's the main regulated on main tank, I put a floor fan in front of hot water heater to see if maybe it wasn't getting enough air somehow saw No diff in flame with the fan turned on, I don't think the Top Draft Vent is plugged, I'm afraid it's the Reg, on the hot water heater.
Can you suggest anything else I can do?

Thank You Jimmyp

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