no decent hot water after having tankless gas water heater put in.

no decent hot water after having tankless gas water heater put in.

by W. Carter
(Corona,ca USA)

My friend had a new ac installed in home last year. The company that installed it convince my friend to install a Noritz tankless gas water heater.

Before she did this she had no problems with hot water except taking a long time for hot water to reach the fixture. Now with the new Noritz it takes just as long to get hot as did before. Right off she had no hot water to her hall bath even though it set right next to the water heater.

So the installers convinced her to change the valve. She then got some hot water, but when she would add cold to cool it she could only add a little cold or she would lose hot water all together.

Next in master bath after changing from single control to separate control valve she still gets no hot water. The installers couldn't figure out what was wrong so convinced her to just turn the water off to the valve and not use it.

This is a very nice lady and the contractor should make it right. She paid a lot of for this water heater for it not work right. I know she had no problems before. Also I am not her boyfriend I am just a good friend that wants it made right, so I hope maybe you can shed some light on the problem. Respectfully, W. Carter.

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