Navien NCB 210 NG

Navien NCB 210 NG

by Gary Curran
(Cedar Knolls, NJ)

Pro installed Navien NCB 210 NG 10 months ago. Worked great all summer and fall. Heat worked great fall and early winter. We had a couple warm days in December when the heat did not go on and the hot water would not work. No error codes, heat worked but only got to 120-130 degrees.

Tech came out and unit was working as it should. $120 service call. Weather got cold again and unit worked fine until mid-February. Warm weather, no hot water. Heat went on but only 120-130 again. $120 service call, unit working as it should. Today, 3/1 not hot water again.

Turned unit on and off a dozen or so times. Temp slowly went up, when it got over 140 I turned on faucet hot water and unit shot to 170 and hot water worked. Saved $120. Not sure where to go from here, wife threatening divorce if there are more ice cold showers. Spent $6000 on this unit, don't want to go back to leaky tank but might be cheaper than splitsville...

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