Kenmore Power Miser issue

Kenmore Power Miser issue

by Kevin
(Paso Robles, CA)

I began my fight to keep the Power Miser 6 going after it was on the job for a mere 6 months. Since that first failure, it has required undocumented cleaning every 6-12 months. This maintenance, generally following a cold shower, involves vacuuming the air source at the bottom of the unit. Yesterday, 15 years later, it started leaking. I have never been so elated over the breakdown of an appliance! I swore a lot over this water heater over many years but I swore off Kenmore forever only once.

Just one hour ago, I bought my new water heater @ Lowe's. It is sitting the garage while I am still sitting at my computer because I decided to look at reviews and comparisons. "OIK!", I said, along with other choice exclamatory words. I had purchased an AO Smith and I now realize I had done the same thing when I bought my Kenmore. If I had done my research this last night I'd not have my current dilemma. So, I will pull the box off this new one and have a look at the problem area with more comfort and better lighting. If it looks like a rerun of my Kenmore/AO Smith nightmare I'll return it.

For the record, identification of the problem and the Band-Aide that worked were not my own. One fella had dedicated a web page to our shared issue and I'm thankful to him for his effort. Many others also benefited. If you want particulars, search "Miser" & "pilot light" and "failure".

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