Intermittent Burner Not Coming On

Intermittent Burner Not Coming On

by Sue

We have a Rinnai V2532FFU that was installed in 2004. Recently, we occasionally have a situation where the water does not get hot. Initially it happened in the kitchen, so I thought it was because the faucet is a low flow faucet. However, recently we had a situation where the shower did not get hot. In both cases we were able to get the burner to light by opening an additional faucet.

Both times it has seemed to resolve itself.

1) Is this likely a flow sensor going bad, or is there another possibility?

2) Should we wait for it to entirely fail before calling someone (in other words--will they even be able to find the problem if it is not happening while they are here?

3) Is it better to repair or replace a unit that is 13 years old if we have had no prior problems? Thanks.

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