How I can fix a milk hit water in a new water heater.

How I can fix a milk hit water in a new water heater.

by Margaret Pec
(Bayside NY usasiesta)

Can someone please help with hot milk water from a new electric water heater.

I just had a plummer placed a new heater but it was not working. He connected temporarily to an other water heater since the house is 2 family.
He hooked an extension look like snake wire pipe and the water started to come white milk color. The tenants is upset but we don't know what to do.

I called an electrician to check why the new heater was not working, and the reason was that the old electric connection had only two wires and the new heater need 3 wires including the ground wire. After the new electric wire attachment the connection previous made to the other water heater was disconnected but the water is still milk white.

The tenant can not wash his dishes or take a shower with dirty water.

I found out in the internet that is not hazardous to health and to reassure him of that i showed the article that said is just air. But I need to fix the problem.

Please help.
Thank you

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