Giant 50-gal power vented water heater

Giant 50-gal power vented water heater

by Glenn Carducci

I got tired of renting water heaters and in my new home, I decided to buy one. The first one worked for 8 years and finally gave up working one night. Instead of having this one repaired, I bought a Giant 50 Gallon power vented unit.

This turned out to be a huge error. It failed almost weekly since installation and eventually gave up within a month of being installed. The service man was very sympathetic and stated he would come by. The heater has a self diagnostic program but only will report it tried to ignite 3 times, which it did, but for some reason shut off the gas after 5 seconds and the flame died. The code comes up as unit unsuccessfully tried to start 3 times and then locked out the gas supply. If the unit needs to be repaired at this stage it is a direct reflection of an inadequate product but worse, a poor quality control environment within the manufacturing process of the water heater.

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