Don't like the "sandwiching"

Don't like the "sandwiching"

by Cookie Puckett
(Horseshoe Bay, TX USA)

We bought a Rinnai V53 about three years ago and have been pleased with it basically. But this last year my husband became ill and is wheelchair bound. My daughter and three children are here with us most of the summer, and we've noticed that the water shifts hot and cool frequently even tho we don't take showers at the same time or do laundry or dishwasher. For my husband especially this is very unpleasant. Can we do something or adjust something somewhere? When I called the gas man who installed it he blamed the plumber who put in the shower heads. When I called the plumber he blamed the tankless water heater because of the sandwiching that takes place. I think neither one knows what to do!

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