Displeased navien owner

Displeased navien owner

by Karen denis
(62 bend view ln great falls mt)

Purchased Navien 8-26-15. Exactly one year later entire basement flooded due to a malfunction in unit. The guy that put it in, came back, Navien refused a new unit only replaced part that broke.

Six months later basement flooded same piece malfunctioned once again Navien refused a new unit and replaced piece that broke. Six months later which was last Thursday the basement flooded. Same exact piece broke. Navien said it was my water. I have a softener.

Culligan come out test water - my water is soft. They retested a sample agreed it was fine. Now it's been a week without hot water and no resolution at hand. I feel bad for guy that put it in he's having to try to deal with a company that does not stand behind their product. Which is a shame we live in a new development and word of mouth is everything to a successful company. I would definitely not recommend their product unless something dramatic happens and they replace it with one that works.

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