Dirty hot water

Dirty hot water

by Ladonna Lindley
(Chugiak, Alaska)

I have had my Rinnai on demand hot water system for about two years now. The other day a person was using the shower in one of my bathrooms and the water turned "dark as dark can be". With two inches of water in the tub, he couldn't even see the drain. This also happened when he ran the hot water in the sink. I have a picture of the residue that was left in the tub. The other faucets seem to run clear water and indeed, I had taken a bath in another bathroom the night before and everything seemed fine. We are wondering if a piece of charcoal got loose from the filter and affected the water? The shower-er said it had a definite "charcoal" feel to it. Like I said, I have a picture and also saved the paper towels I used to clean the tub with in an effort to determine exactly what it is. This has not happened since. Please advise as to what I can do to resolve this issue.

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